College Football Rankings Check: Week 8

After each week of the college football season, a fresh set of rankings drop, highlighting the Top 25 teams in the nation. There are two major polls used in the college football, the AP Poll voted on by members of the media, and the Coaches Poll voted on by, well you can probably figure that one out. In October, the College Football Playoff rankings join the other two and take over as the base rankings for the rest of the season.

We have reached the midway point of the 2019 college football season with most teams hitting the six game mark last weekend. Now the rankings are starting to come more into focus, but there is still a long way to go before anything is decided. There is still three weeks left until the first College Football Playoff rankings are released, but we can already say which teams sit in the driver’s seat, and which still have some work to do.

AP Poll

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 2.19.10 PM.png
via ESPN

Others receiving votesTulane 55, Iowa State 36, Temple 31, Wake Forest 25, California 20, Virginia 8, Memphis 6, USC 4, South Carolina 4, Texas A&M 3, UCF 3, San Diego State 2, Louisiana Tech 1

Dropped from rankingsWake Forest 19, Virginia 20, Memphis 23, Texas A&M 24

Our first major upset of the season throws a wrench into the Top 10 of the AP rankings. Georgia falls seven spots following their loss to South Carolina and opens the door for Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Notre Dame all to climb.

For the first time, Alabama and Clemson do not occupy the top two spots in the poll, with Louisiana State jumping above Clemson after defeating Florida in Baton Rouge on Saturday night. The Tigers also snag first place votes for the first time this season.

Further down the rankings, Texas tumbles after losing the Red River Showdown to Oklahoma, and Iowa falls six spots following a second straight loss. Baylor and Southern Methodist needed overtime to stay undefeated and were beneficiaries of the Iowa drop, along with Cincinnati.

Leaving the rankings after losing this weekend were Wake Forest, Virginia, Memphis, and Texas A&M. Replacing those sides were Minnesota, Missouri, Appalachian State, and Washington.

For a closer look on how media members voted individually, check the image below.

via @RedditCFB

Coaches Poll

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 2.19.21 PM.png
via ESPN

Others receiving votesWake Forest 87, Tulane 76, Virginia 35, Memphis 30, California 21, Iowa State 19, San Diego State 18, Navy 17, Texas A&M 14, Louisiana Tech 6, Duke 5, UCF 4, Pittsburgh 3, South Carolina 3

Dropped from rankingsWake Forest 17, Virginia 19, Memphis 20, Texas A&M 21

Unlike the AP Poll, Alabama and Clemson remain the top two sides while Louisiana State climbs into the No. 3 spot after defeating Florida. Ohio State and Oklahoma hold steady as Wisconsin, Penn State, and Notre Dame all climb two spot after victories of their own on Saturday.

Georgia pays for its inexplicable loss to South Carolina with a seven spot fall while fellow SEC East side Florida has the damage minimized, only falling two spots after losing to LSU. Texas also falls to No. 15 after dropping the Red River Showdown against No. 5 Oklahoma.

Big gainers in this week’s Coaches Poll are one loss Arizona State followed by undefeated sides Baylor, Southern Methodist, and Minnesota. Auburn, Oregon, Boise State, and Utah all climb slightly as others falls.

Joining the rankings this week are Cincinnati, Washington, Appalachian State, and Temple. Falling out were Wake Forest, Virginia, Memphis, and Texas A&M.

Top 25 Schedule: Week 8

Let’s take a quick peek at who the Top 25 teams will be playing in Week 8

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 3.00.19 PM.png
via NCAA

Twenty-four of the Top 25 sides are in action this week, with Notre Dame being the only team on bye. This many teams in action could mean a big shakeup in the standings come next week, but given the matchups, we will need some upsets to take place for that to happen.

Even with such a busy Top 25 slate, there are only three ranked matchups on the docket. Of these, the most notable will be the Saturday night showdown in Happy Valley between the No. 7 Penn State Nittany Lions and the No. 16 Michigan Wolverines. This contest could have serious playoff implications for both the winner and loser.

The PAC-12 is likely on the outside looking in at the playoff picture again this season, but the conference title will still be a season long battle. This week the conference has two ranked matchups that should bring the North and South division picture into better focus.

No. 12 Oregon travels to Seattle to take on No. 25 Washington in a North division showdown, while No. 13 Utah welcomes No. 17 Arizona State in a South division clash in Salt Lake City.

Looking at the unranked matchups quickly, it never hurts to keep an eye on top teams to see how they perform against a lesser opponent. With Georgia falling to South Carolina last week, the chaos of college football is finally upon us and there is no telling when another season altering upset could occur.

Each and every week throughout the college football season we will be checking in with the latest rankings and Top 25 schedule so make sure you are checking back to keep up to date on the latest from the college football world.

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