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… this blog

The Bat Flip exists as an idea hatched by its creator/author/editor. While a previous attempt featuring an entirely different concept never got off the ground, the domain still exists. Why not get the most out of it? Commentary on the things that bond the authors – Shawn and Robbie – along with its occasional contributors will drive this blog in both the written and verbal formats. The Bat Flip – as most real bat tosses are – will be more reactionary than proactive when providing content and those delicious hot takes. It’s about fun and showing sides. 

… Shawn

Shawn is a sports editor midway into his Age 37 year. While he grades as an 80 in sarcasm, his 20-rating in most acts resembling actual athletic ability helped nudge him toward video games in his teens to get that satisfaction of feats like home runs, dunks, deep touchdown passes, slap shots and curveballs – thrown without the aid of a specially scuffed Wiffle ball. When not playing video games or watching some kind of live sporting event – in person or on TV, he is likely to be at his job because he has to pay the bills somehow. He also has a loving 10-year-old doxador named Tessie, because he feels that all dogs should be named through obscure baseball references. He also scored 119 points in a game with Dan Majerle on NBA Showdown for the Super Nintendo because dunks were as easy as breathing once you drove baseline.

… Robbie

Robbie is a 28 year old graduate of Penn State University enjoying the Nittany Lions rise back to the upper echelons of the college football game. He is also a devout fan of the 6 time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the 5 time Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, the 5 time World Series champion Pittsburgh Pirates, and the 20 time English champion Manchester United. While his degree is in criminal justice, Robbie has dabbled in IT with hopes of combining the two in the future. Currently Robbie works as a sports correspondent for the Tribune-Democrat in Johnstown, PA and as a writer for Pensburgh over at SBNation.com. When not watching sports, you can often find Robbie on his PS4 console playing any number of games across many different genre. You can find Robbie on Twitter.com at @rjnaugle2.


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