College Football Rankings Check: Week 5

After each week of the college football season, a fresh set of rankings drop, highlighting the Top 25 teams in the nation. There are two major polls used in the college football, the AP Poll voted on by members of the media, and the Coaches Poll voted on by, well you can probably figure that one out. In October, the College Football Playoff rankings join the other two and take over as the base rankings for the rest of the season.

Following a week of relative calm among the college football rankings, Week 4 injected a little chaos into the mix and some teams paid a high price for their performances. Upsets in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh along with a curb stomping in Madison reshaped the polls and possibly the entire outlook of the college football season.

AP Poll

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 1.20.30 PM.png
via ESPN

Others receiving votesWake Forest 73, Oklahoma State 57, SMU 55, Army 46, Memphis 42, Iowa State 31, Appalachian State 24, Washington State 21, Mississippi State 14, Missouri 14, Pittsburgh 6, Minnesota 5, Arizona State 5, Colorado 5, Tulane 1

Dropped from rankingsWashington State 19, Arizona State 24, TCU 25

No change among the leading four teams besides Georgia snagging a single first place vote after its big victory over Notre Dame. Speaking of the Fighting Irish, they put up a good fight in Athens, but ultimately, the loss pushes them down to No. 10.

Wisconsin bursts into the Top 10 for the first time this season after a commanding and dominating performance over Michigan. In turn, the Wolverines, who were already on thin ice, take a major tumble to No. 20.

Utah matched the nine spot tumble of Michigan with a nine spot fall of their own to No. 19 after losing ugly to Southern California on Friday night. Central Florida dropped its first regular season game in nearly three years in a shock upset to Pitt at Heinz Field and paid the price. Washington State, Arizona State, and Texas Christian all lost and dropped out of the rankings.

With the victory over Utah, Southern Cal jumped back into the Top 25 after a week unranked. Joining the Trojans among the newly ranked are Kansas State and Michigan State.

For a closer look on how media members voted individually, check the image below.

via @RedditCFB

Coaches Poll

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 1.20.43 PM.png
via ESPN

Others receiving votesMemphis 109, Washington State 83, Michigan State 82, SMU 63, Oklahoma State 51, Army 45, Mississippi State 34, Appalachian State 27, Colorado 12, Minnesota 9, Utah State 9, Tulane 8, Iowa State 7, Nebraska 7, Arizona State 6, TCU 5, Navy 4, Duke 3, Arizona 1, Hawai’i 1

Dropped from rankingsWashington State 19, Arizona State 24

A lot of similarities between the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll, especially in the Top 10. Georgia grabs a first place vote, but other than that the top six all remain the same from last week. Wisconsin is the big mover, jumping five spots and landing safely in the Top 10.

Notre Dame takes a minor hit after its loss to Georgia, while Utah, Michigan, and Central Florida were the big losers on the week. Those drops helped a handful of teams pick up a few spots, especially undefeated sides Virginia, California, Boise State, and Iowa, all of which now sit inside the Top 20.

Undefeated Wake Forest did not make the rankings on the AP side, but the coaches like what they have seen from the Demon Deacons through four games and rewarded them with a Top 25 spot. Southern Cal jumps back into the poll after upsetting Utah.

Top 25 Schedule: Week 5

Let’s take a quick peek at who the Top 25 teams will be playing in Week 5.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 2.09.21 PM.png
via NCAA

Twenty of the AP Top 25 are in action this week as conference play starts to hit full stride. A pair of ranked matchups highlight the schedule, with No. 10 Notre Dame hosting No. 18 Virginia and No. 21 Southern Cal heading to Seattle to face No. 17 Washington.

Even with the lack of ranked matchups on the docket, there are a few ‘prove it’ games for ranked teams that will be facing their first real test of the season. Several teams are also facing a make or break game that could eliminate them from any playoff discussion should they lose.

Each and every week throughout the college football season we will be checking in with the latest rankings and Top 25 schedule so make sure you are checking back to keep up to date on the latest from the college football world.

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