Ranking World Cup goals: June 20, 2018

Russia World Cup Logo

“The Beautiful Game” is more than just goals, but we at The Bat Flip really like goals. This semi-ambitious project will take every goal scored during the 2018 World Cup and rank them daily, with a master list compiled at the end of the tournament.

A few things to consider when figuring your proper dosages of salt grains:

  • Importance of the goal may supersede beauty.
  • Penalty kicks will be considered on a case-to-case basis.
  • Shootout goals will only be ranked if they were the match-winners, or if some absurd act made the goal possible.

Now let’s rank some goals from Wednesday’s match play:

Three goals. Three measly goals. Kind of a bummer to some, but I’ll take the lighter workload. Don’t worry, some usual suspects from the first batch of matches make a return while another big name gets on the boards. This countdown – headed to No. 1 – is for bangers only.

June 20, 2018

No. 3 – Luis Suarez – Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia

This corner kick could not have been served to Luis Suarez any better if it were presented on a silver platter with two complementary side dishes. Mohammed Alowais, the Saudi Arabian goalkeeper, makes a valiant effort to punch the ball away, but it was destined to find Suarez and a gaping net.

No. 2 – Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal vs. Morocco

This was an early marker that fittingly crossed the line in the fourth minute to give Cristiano Ronaldo his fourth goal of the World Cup. Not bad for a guy who had three goals in his previous appearances before this jaunt to Russia. A short corner and a precision cross into the 18 from Joao Moutinho led to this match’s only goal and a much-needed win for Portugal.

No. 1 – Diego Costa – Spain vs. Iran

The expression on Diego Costa’s face after the ball crossed the line says all that needs to be said. After taking the ball in traffic, the Iberian Adding Machine spun past an Iranian defender before losing possession to a help defender … Only to have it bounce off his knee and into the net. Diego Costa is good. Sometimes it pays to be lucky.

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