Ranking World Cup goals: June 14, 2018

Russia World Cup Logo

“The Beautiful Game” is more than just goals, but we at The Bat Flip really like goals. This semi-ambitious project will take every goal scored during the 2018 World Cup and rank them daily, with a master list compiled at the end of the tournament.

A few things to consider when figuring your proper dosages of salt grains:

  • Importance of the goal may supersede beauty.
  • Penalty kicks will be considered on a case-to-case basis.
  • Shootout goals will only be ranked if they were the match-winners, or if some absurd act made the goal possible.

You should also check out Robbie’s World Cupdate of Thursday’s match while also walking up to Friday’s matches.

Now let’s rank some goals while enjoying the glorious Telemundo calls from Thursday’s match play:

June 14, 2018

We were #blessed to be able to ease into the World Cup with one match. That match blessed us with five goals to rank. Let’s get into it in a No. 5 to 1 format before Friday’s matches go too far into the day … 

No. 5 – Denis Cheryshev (2) – Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

While in stoppage time, Cheryshev put what was believed to be the cherry on top of Russia’s convincing win over the Saudis with a blast coming from just inside the 18. The long counter to set up the strike was also worth watching, but Saudi Arabia had all but given up by the time that Cheryshev netted his second. 

No. 4 – Artem Dzyuba – Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

Big man goal! Big man goal! The near 6-foot-5 Dzyuba subbed in during the second half and immediately made his presence felt as Aleksandr Golovin’s cross from inside the box found the head of Dzyuba, who promptly sent the ball into goal, giving the hosts a 3-0 lead.

No. 3 – Iury Gazinsky – Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

This 12th-minute lid-lifter opened Russia’s lay-up line against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. A simple header in the box as Russia got a second attack off a set piece as Aleksandr Golovin sent a pretty cross into the 18 where Gazinsky rose up and sent a header just past Saudi keeper Abdullah Almuaiouf.

No. 2 – Denis Cheryshev (1) – Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

In the 43rd minute Cheryshev – an early substitute in the match – took a feed in the penalty area, undressed a pair of Saudi Arabia defenders with a quick stutter before his clean left-footed strike found the back of the net. It wasn’t the type of goal that goes into video-game trailers, but it all but sealed three points for the Russians.

No. 1 – Aleksandr Golovin – Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

Having set up two goals earlier in the match, Golovin’s free kick strike ran the Russian lead to 5-0, giving the hosts a valuable goal if goal-differential comes into the equation. From about 25 yards away, Golovin sent the kick over the Saudi wall and past late-reacting Saudi keeper Abdullah Almuaiouf. It was the closest that we had to a golazo on Thursday. 


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