An apology, a few FlipCast links and a possible announcement


Over the past few weeks, I encountered a wall. Not a creative wall. Just a wall.

A ton of ideas are always rushing through my head, but I’d always rationalize that the time wasn’t there, or it could be spent on other things. After all, The Bat Flip was for fun. This blog has not made a cent for Robbie and I. It likely never will. It was launched as a way for two friends to goof off, daydream about the site taking off like wildfire and for us have a lot of fun.

That was the issue: Fun.

How could I have fun when I need to be doing … Whatever? Sometimes, that whatever wound up being nothing. That nothing became a wasted day. Missed opportunities to engage readership. Missed chances to grow The Bat Flip.

Projects, both of the long- and short-term variety, were started and eventually scrapped. Reactions to some big happenings in sports and gaming were shelved because I just couldn’t put in the time required to produce a take or reaction in my voice.

While the readership to The Bat Flip is tiny, I still let it down. Each day skipped turned into a week skipped. Weeks … Months. To the end where the last thing that I’ve actually written for The Bat Flip – that wasn’t a FlipCast link share – is almost 3 months old.

I cannot speak for Robbie, but I can speak for myself. That is unacceptable on my part. I apologize.

The FlipCast kept chugging along because speaking is easy to me. Getting behind a microphone and spouting opinions is a way to blow off steam when challenged with the world’s frustrations, or at least those frustrations in my world. But even then, it became too much of a chore to even go through the paint-by-numbers posting routine of sharing The FlipCast. So, the possibility existed that those who come to the blog looking for those weekly posts just assumed that we had stopped. We haven’t. In fact, we just recorded Episodes 28 and 28.5. You should give them a listen.

While you’re at it. Here’s where you can find the backlog of Episodes 20 through 27.5, along with everything else hosted on Podbean. This place works, too, if you prefer Apple/iTunes. There was some really good stuff in there, and a few jokes or quips that fell flat. We like variety. 

Before this gets too far along, I guess I should mention that this isn’t a goodbye. Screw that. The Bat Flip has incredible potential, even if we never get a readership/listenership beyond a few dozen very loyal friends. It’s about rekindling a voice that’s very much my own, but different than my professional voice.

The Bat Flip wasn’t created to blow up. It was intended to be a vessel to fun. If it ever gets big, then we likely did something wrong.

Nevertheless, there is another thing to mention while mired in this cocktail of apology and self-blame: A new site.

The Bat Flip will not be abandoned, but a project that I’ve long wanted to launch just never felt right on a site that was more takes and reactions. As an avid gamer who is trying to reignite that passion, this project will be a better fit over at the new place anyway. We’ll get there in a post or two. There’s still some work to be done before I’m ready to show it to the world.

Anyhow, it’s time to get back to what The Bat Flip was created to be: A water cooler that you can post up to on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone … Or on whatever you use to consume the internet.

There are some ideas brewing. Maybe a few new voices will join the team to contribute. If you want to be one of them, or if you just have an idea: Hit us up at 

If you’re reading this after our lengthy gap between posts, thank you.

While I cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again, I’ll try my hardest to avoid it.