Disney Bracket: First Round, Golden Region

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Welcome back, everyone. Voting has concluded on the play-in games and now it is time to begin voting on the full bracket. We will be starting in the Golden Region with the first round matchups, but before we get started, let’s recap the play-in round.

Play-in Round Recap

There were four play-in matchups, one from each region. The two movies squaring off were listed as seeds 16a and 16b. The winner from each matchup advanced to play the No.1 seed in their respective region.

Here are the results:

Golden Region

Mighty Ducks was the only film with no animation to make the field and it survived the play-in against The Great Mouse Detective. Their reward will be going up against The Lion King in the first round.

Classic Region

Angela Lansbury was not enough to push Bedknobs and Broomsticks past The Aristocats who come out on top and will attempt to pull an upset on top seeded Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Pixar Region

Perhaps a closer result than anything expected but Toy Story 2 racked up enough votes to move past Cars 3 and into the full bracket. They’ll go up against their prequel Toy Story in the next round of voting.

Modern Region

Wrapping up the play-in games was Treasure Planet coming from behind to knock-off Atlantis and progress to take on No. 1 Frozen in the first round.

Best of luck to all the play-in winners in the next round. You’re facing quite the task if you wish to continue on.

Now that we have sufficiently recapped the play-in round and the full field of 64 movies is set, we can begin the voting to determine the true Disney movie champion.

First round voting will begin with the top overall region, Golden, where top seeded The Lion King is the odds on favorite to win the region. After that, we will move clockwise around the bracket until all first round voting has come to a close. We will then progress on to the second round following the same formula.

All voting will be conducted via polls posted to our Twitter account which you can find right here. Polls will be open for 24 hours.

Let’s begin.

First Round, Golden Region

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No. 1 The Lion King v. No. 16 Mighty Ducks

No. 8 Hunchback of Notre Dame v. No. 9 Tarzan

No. 4 The Little Mermaid v. No. 13 Rescuers Down Under

No. 5 Pocahontas v. No. 12 The Tigger Movie

No. 6 Mulan v. No. 11 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

No. 3 The Beauty and the Beast v. No. 14 Oliver and Company

No. 7 Hercules v. No. 10 A Goofy Movie

No. 2 Aladdin v. No. 15 Fantasia 2000

Get those votes in and check back for the results right here on our site.

Happy voting.

Reminder that all polls for this round will be open for 24 hours.

After this region concludes and the winners announced, first round voting will begin on the Classic region.

Keep your eyes peeled on our site for continued updates and new polls throughout the duration of the tournament.