Let’s appreciate Larry Nance Jr.’s double-tap dunk

OK, anyone who has seen “Zombieland” – or has devoted their lives to following the rules that Columbus has established for living in a zombie-filled world – knows the importance of a good double tap.

I feel as if Larry Nance Jr. is ready to lead us through a post-apocalyptic zombie hellscape if called upon. This dunk clearly showed us that the Cavaliers forward is best suited for such a duty.

In all honesty, this should have shut down Saturday’s dunk contest. Even with Donovan Mitchell’s earlier 50 compared to the 46 that Nance put up on his earlier dunk in the championship round.

When you (potentially inadvertently) call back to “Zombieland” with the clear dunk of the night, you deserve to win even before your opponent pulls off a less-than-impressive tribute to Vince Carter for a 48.

Larry Nance Jr. deserved better. We, as a society, deserved better.

Always double tap.

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