Who are we?

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Who: Shawn

Position: Co-founder, co-editor and Director of Nostalgia.

What I do: Sports editor at a daily newspaper.

Strengths: Wingspan along with a self-professed ability to write coherent and meaningful copy.

I root for …: The Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, the University of Pittsburgh (because I embrace disappointment), the Brooklyn Nets (because I want basketball to be pain, apparently) and chaos.

My best moment as a sports fan: Oct. 1, 2013. The moment where believing in the Pirates through two decades of losing paid off.

What systems I play: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and a hell of a lot of retro systems.

What games I play: Whatever is current in the sports-title realm, what’s new and shiny on the Switch, a bevy of retro games when the muse strikes and a few RPGs.

Biggest gaming accomplishment or best gaming memory: Picking up “EarthBound” on a lark in 1995 and discovering the single-best game to ever exist.

What I bring to the table: Calming influence in a world filled with absurd takes.

Who: Robbie

Position: Co-founder, co-editor and commissioner of the rules.

What I do: Write about sports. Wash cars. Occasional computer troubleshooting.

Strengths: Wingspan and an appreciation for all takes despite how bad they may be..

I root for …: Pittsburgh sports (Penguins, Steelers, Pirates) in the professional world along with whatever NBA team is fun at the moment but in the college game I’m all about the Nittany Lions of Penn State. Overseas I follow Manchester United in the Premier League and AS Roma in the Italian league. Those last two are soccer.

My best moment as a sports fan: It’s really hard to pick just one moment when you’re a Pittsburgh Sports fan.

What systems I play: Unapologetically PlayStation for life. Known to dabble in the emulator world as well.

What games I play: I can find enjoyment in games from all across the genre spectrum. Particularly fond of the Assassin’s Creed series which satisfies the history buff inside of me.

Biggest gaming accomplishment or best gaming memory: Being an unstoppable force on “NBA Street 2” and the endless enjoyment from the “Backyard Sports” franchise.

What I bring to the table: Having opinions on everything from sports to pop culture which works out well for this blog. Also, Star Wars takes.

FlipCast Episode 1: The One We Recorded at Panera

The FlipCast (4)

Find it here

In this episode …

• Shawn and Robbie introduce themselves and what the FlipCast is all about

• You can hear what the end of a lunch rush sounds like at Panera Bread

• Shawn says “you know” about 356 times

• Robbie withholds a life-changing take

Shawn’s notes: It was an experience cutting the first podcast in a public setting. Not a bad one, just kind of different. Personally, I kind of like having the restaurant sounds in the background for this one. It adds this feeling like the microphone was eavesdropping a bit into a lunch conversation (May I suggest the bread bowl with the cream of chicken with wild rice soup?). I’ll venture that future episodes – maybe the ones not recorded in restaurants – will come off as more candid as Robbie and I tried to be courteous to the folks two tables over who appeared to be studying. Also, I need to work on fading music on the intro end of things. Learning processes are fun.